A teeny-tiny update

Hi there!

As you might know, I’m currently on a social media break. (If you’re also on a social media break, then you probably didn’t know this. Such is life.) I’m currently in the trenches binge-watching “UnREAL” on Hulu working hard on my next book, but there are a few tiny little updates in EMMY & OLIVER land that I wanted to share with you.

Let’s number them. I love a good numbered list.

1. EMMY & OLIVER is coming to Latin America! I’m so thrilled that my little book is making its way into Central & South America. It’ll be published first in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, with plans to expand into more countries later. And don’t worry, Brazil, I’ve got you covered. E&O will be published there in April 2017.

2. I am beyond thrilled to point out that E&O is on the 2017 Master List for the Abraham Lincoln High School Book Award. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to do with this info besides scream internally and hug myself with joy, but thank you to everyone who was responsible for putting it on this list! I’m pleased as punch to be included with so many amazing authors & books.

3. I’m going out in public! That’s right, brace yourself, I’m slapping on some mascara and heading into the world. If you live in Los Angeles, I’ll be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday & Sunday, April 9 & 10, and then at YallWest in Santa Monica on April 30 & May 1. As soon as I have more info, it’ll be posted on my events page. STAY TUNED.

I hope you’re all happy and well and doing good things. And finally, what you came here for in the first place: a picture of Hudson, being the editing taskmaster that he is.


RB xo

EMMY & OLIVER for $1.99!

Update: As of January 31, 2017, EMMY & OLIVER is back on sale for $1.99 on all formats! (And btw, that cozy cardigan I mention in the next paragraph? Still cozy fifteen months later!)

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday, my friends! I can’t lie. I spent a lot of time yesterday shopping online, looking for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Tryptophan Sunday deals. (Shout out to Ann Taylor Loft! Can’t wait for my new cozy cardigan to arrive!) But my new favorite deal has just landed:


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.17.41 AM

That is, quite frankly, ridiculous. In a great way, of course! For example, the coffee I’m drinking as I type this cost more than $1.99. THE MIND BOGGLES.

So if you’d like to get ahead on your holiday shopping (if you’ve already finished, what kind of sorcerer are you???), or just want to buy yourself something to read while you’re stuck in Terminal 5 at LAX, may I present some handy links!


KOBO (support your local indie bookstore!)



I hope you all have a lovely start to the week, and thumbprint hearts for everyone!

RB xo