AKA and GOING ROGUE giveaway!

Hello friends!

Here we are, 2015 and I’m already giving stuff away. Remember last year, when I gave away a few copies of EMMY & OLIVER and we all had a great time? Well, in honor of the new year, as well as the paperback release of GOING ROGUE, I thought we’d do it again!

If you’d like to win 1 of 5 copies of ALSO KNOWN AS and GOING ROGUE, simply comment below about why you’d like to win. It’s that easy! Comment away! Not sure what to say? Here are some sample ideas to get you started:

“I’d like to win because I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’d like to!”

“I’d like to win because my dog ate a third of a pound of asiago cheese and caused enormous vet bills, so my book-buying budget has been cut in half.” This example may or may not be based on my personal life experience with Hudson.

“I’d like to win because I need a birthday gift for my sister/mother/brother/beloved relative.”

“I’d like to win because my kitchen table is wobbly and I think if I shove these books under the leg, it’ll help balance it out.”

See? Easy!

Also, a few rules:
1. The contest is only open to US residents. (I’m sorry, worldwide friends! I still love you!)
2. You can enter as many times as you would like, but you will only be counted for one entry.
3. The 5 winners will be chosen randomly, which means that you can be as clever or boring as you would like in your comment. I don’t judge!
4. The contest will end at 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 21. I’m talking to you, fellow procrastinators! Get your entries in now before you forget.

(Also, if you wanted to retweet, regram, or even reblog this contest, Hudson and I would be super-grateful. Spread the book love!)

But on the other hand, if you like buying books, you could buy the paperback edition of GOING ROGUE, which is now in stores! I personally love my local indies, but you can get it at Amazon and B&N, as well.

Do you have questions? Concerns? General life advice? Hit me.

Good luck with your entries, have a wonderful and safe new year, and enjoy your books!

RB xo

Cover Reveal for EMMY & OLIVER! Plus an ARC giveaway!

Hello friends!

So you might remember some time ago (like, way back in June 2011), I first mentioned a little book called EMMY & OLIVER. And I’ve sort of been mentioning it for the past three years, as it went from idea to synopsis to prologue to epilogue to a completed first draft.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.41.39 PM

But now, it’s more than just parts. It’s an actual book with a cover that I am so, so in love with. (I’m so in love with it, in fact, that I don’t care that I just ended that sentence with a preposition.)

It is perfect. This cover is everything I wanted for this book and these characters. I am beyond happy.

Emmy & Oliver
(click through for the gorgeous hi-res version)


“We stayed and looked and waited for Oliver to come back, as if our love was a beacon that he could use to light his way home, to crawl up the sides of the earth and back through his front door, his shirt tag still sticking up in the back. After a while, though, after years passed and pictures changed and false tips fell through, it started to feel like the beacon wasn’t for him anymore. It was for those of us left behind, something to cling to when you realized that scary things could happen, that villains didn’t only exist in books, that Oliver might never come home. Until one day, he did.”

When Oliver was seven years old, his father kidnapped him in a custody dispute, spiriting him across the country and away from his family and his best friend, Emmy. Ten years later, Oliver is found and returns home, reuniting him with Emmy once again. But is their story still meant to be? Or are their hearts like the pieces of two different puzzles—impossible to fit together?


It will be available June 23, 2015 from HarperTeen, but you can pre-order it now from your fabulous local indie bookstore (most of them will even ship it to you if you don’t have a fabulous local indie!), Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.


Do you not want to wait until June 23, 2015 to read it? Then maybe you should enter this contest to win one of three ARCs!


(Note: Hudson is not up for grabs in this contest. Yet.)

You can either…

1. Follow me on Tumblr and REBLOG THIS POST.


2. Follow me on Instagram and REPOST THIS PICTURE. (Don’t forget to tag me so I can see your repost!)


3. Follow me on Twitter and RETWEET THIS TWEET.

You have until 11:59pm on November 3rd to do ONE of these things. You can do them all if you want–I don’t judge!–but you can only win one copy. (And I’m very sorry to all of my international friends, but this contest is just for US residents.) After the contest closes, I’ll pick one person from each category to win the very first ARCs of EMMY & OLIVER. Are you excited? I am! Hudson is! Look at that enthusiasm. Wow.

I cannot wait for this book to be in stores so you can read it! Until then, though, if you have questions about the contest, send me an email. Or tweet me. And best of luck!

Later gators,